jack's chair

Painstakingly ebonized using a natural process of mixing vinegar and iron shavings recycled from when grinding and cutting steel. Once applied to the cherry it reacts to the tannins in the wood and turns a black. Using no screws the steel bracket is the wedged between side frame using brass dowels to hold it in place, inspired by the process of knife making. The whole chair can be dismantled to its 6 flat pieces. 

- Custom welded steel bracket with brass dowels
- Solid Walnut, Ebonised cherry. Wood is sealed with an all natural food safe mix of oils and waxes (carnauba wax, linseed oil and tung oil). Very durable and brings out the natural warmth of the wood. And smells good.
- Pirelli rubber webbing seat. (yes the same company who makes tires for sports cars.)
- Cushions are made from Belgian 100% Linen, Waxed canvas in black and dark oak or natural or Water Resistant Heavy Weight Natural canvas. 

Made to order. Standard lead time is 14-16 weeks.
Contact us at info@amckellar.com for pricing and ordering information.

32"L x 28"W x 27"H. 
Armrest height - 22"
Seat front height - 16" 
Seat depth - 21"